Construtora Villela e Carvalho‘s motto is “it does well everything it does”. It is a company that guarantees quality in the smallest details, from conception to completion, with a trained look. It was founded in June 1968 in Brasília, Brazil by the architect and entrepreneur Creso Villela. He, like everyone who saw Brasília born, had a dream: to see the consolidation of the city he chose to live.

Behind the production of each property of Villela and Carvalho, is the work of a full team of experienced and properly qualified professionals. From land acquisition to after-sales, everyone involved is committed to delivering the best to customers.

Construtora Villela e Carvalho on the internet

In social media, the company communicates in an informative way. Most of the posts contain updates or relevant data about the company’s projects. The language is more formal, since it is a premium business, with a more sophisticated audience.

In terms of content, Construtora Villela e Carvalho uses posts with decorating tips or home organization. It also shares quotes from recognized architects, discloses visits to decorated units, and uses many institutional posts.

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