Work and team

The Dente-de-leão (Dandelion) project was born from the Street Store Brasília team. We wanted to expand our activities in social projects, so we created this collective that will later become a NGO.

The first campaign launched by Dente-de-leão, Mobilie Uma Vida (Furnish a Life), was done in partnership with the Traços Magazine, the Secretariat of Labor, Social Development, Women, Racial Equality and Human Rights (Sedestmidh) and the Namastê Cultural Association. It is part of the Caring for Life campaign, which provides social rentals for 30 contemplated through federal government resources and community support. Mobilie Uma Vida came just to furnish those houses with donated basic utensils.

Dente-de-leão in social media

Dente-de-leão was launched at the same time as Mobilie Uma Vida, which needed a lot of publicity to get donations. So social media was crucial for the campaign to reach as many people as possible. I was responsible for creating a visual identity and pages on Facebook and Instagram. There was also a lot of effort from the entire team in publicizing both the project and the campaign.

Links: Facebook | Instagram