A business of tradition

Founded in December 1980, NB Lustres is among the largest and best stores in Brasília in the commercial and decorative lighting segment. The company has a strong presence in Brasilia. It also sells to other states, such as São Paulo, a traditional producer of lighting lines.

In recent years, the company has been seeking to modernize in order to maintain its position in the market. In addition to having undergone a physical makeover, it has also created a website, Facebook page, and will soon reach Instagram.

NB Lustres on the internet

Among the main needs of the company, having an institutional website was the most important. It serves as a gateway, with the differential of having a gallery with the main products of the company’s catalog. Thus, existing and potential customers can check the catalog and product specifications beforehand. The Facebook page increases brand awareness, promotes offers and relevant information. Google AdWords campaigns propagate offers and the website.

Links of the company: Site | Facebook