The company

Superbom Supermarket was founded in Brasília, in 1999, by Fernando Botelho. The intention was to continue the commercial legacy that his father Francisco Botelho initiated when he arrived in Brasília. Fernando had the professional and personal desire to offer the community a supermarket with low prices and differentiated service.

The first store opened in the same year and soon drew attention for its offers, product quality and the welcoming spirit of the employees. Its main differential is taking care of the customer. The constant training of employees, focus on service quality and a business department that fights for every cent in the negotiations are part of the day to day business.

Supermarket Supermarket on the internet

In social media, the company communicates with informal and light language, sometimes even with jokes. Most posts contain some useful information or tips, such as recipes or health benefits of certain foods. Always in a good-spirited way.

In terms of content, Superbom Supermarket uses posts that brighten up the day, highlights commemorative dates relevant to the business, and uses memes or subjects that are trending online.

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