Marcela's Portfolio

Adjustments and visual interface design

Mobile home page, first level menu and second level menu (left to right)
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Mobile search page, category page and product page (left to right)
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Desktop home page and category page (left to right)
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Tablet home page and category page (left to right)
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Overall, we changed a few visual aspects, but focused more on information architecture, categories, the search feature, filters and personalisation, etc as these were bigger issues according to primary and secondary research. The proposed changes were:
  • Make the 4 main categories (Woman, Man, Kids and Home) more easily accessible from the home page. Users can click on the photos or navigate from the menu on the top left corner;
  • Improve consistency on some terms, such as shopping cart, bag or basket - we proposed to keep only cart;
  • On the category page, the rows and columns view is default to make navigation and scannability easier, but the grid is not rigid - rows can vary and show up to 4 items;
  • The copy and highlighted product on the category page are no longer isolated from the rest of the page;
  • Reviewed information architecture with more concise subcategories;
  • An added feature of 'sort by' and improved filters;
  • On the product page, swiping or scrolling the pictures works sideways;
  • On mobile, size selection is shown prior to adding product to cart.