The first project for Aela MID Bootcamp's Level 1 is to create a Landing Page for a product from a well-known company from one of the following categories:
  • A coffee machine company (eg. Nespresso); or
  • A digital bank; or
  • A school or university; or
  • A travel agency; or
  • An online game; or
  • An electronics company (eg. Samsung, LG).
At this level, the goal is to design a landing page (web version, no focus on mobile or responsiveness) for an existing product or service.
Project deliverables
After the discover, define and develop stages, expected project deliverables are:
  • UX Wireframes
  • Style guide
  • Visual design proposal
  • Landing page prototype


About Nespresso
Nespresso is an operating unit of the Nestlé Group, based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Their machines brew espresso and coffee from coffee capsules – or pods – in machines for home or professional use. Nespresso is a premium price coffee, and the company has redefined and revolutionised the way many people enjoy their espresso coffee around the world. The brand is present in 84 countries.
Official numbers from the company website
Official numbers from the company website
Company History & Business Goals
The company was founded in 1986 with the idea of enabling anyone to create the perfect cup of espresso coffee – just like a skilled barista. According to Nespresso's website, they offer high-quality, sustainably produced coffee that customers in homes, offices, hotels, restaurants and cafés can "enjoy, cup after cup, at the touch of a button".
Nespresso aims to deliver highest quality coffee and the ultimate coffee experience to its customers, "inspiring tasteful and meaningful living". The company has developed: 29 Original coffees, 28 Vertuo coffees, and 15 Professional coffees, as well as Limited Editions with rare varieties from around the world; a range of convenient coffee systems to deliver the perfect cup of coffee; a range of personalised services including next day delivery, mobile apps for coffee ordering and a loyalty program. The brand is also the global leading player in the coffee capsules market.
Nespresso's Consumers
According to this 2019 study, coffee capsules have gained high acceptance among consumers in recent years, due to the growth in the demand for instant non-alcoholic drinks. The proliferation of premium coffee shops, such as Starbucks, has stimulated consumers’ appetite for high-end, fresh-brewed coffee. This has increased the demand for coffee capsules.
Nespresso coffee machine ownership in the United Kingdom in 2017, by net monthly household income. Source
Nespresso coffee machine ownership in the United Kingdom in 2017, by net monthly household income. Source
Nespresso coffee machine ownership in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2017, by age. Source
Nespresso coffee machine ownership in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2017, by age. Source
Considering its premium position and the price point for Nespresso's products (coffee machines starting at £149 in the UK and R$549 in Brazil), most consumers have medium to high income. They look for ‘coffee shop quality at home’ and solutions that fit their lifestyle: compact, high performance, good design, and they value quality as much as convenience.
On social media and blogs about coffee, people mention many pros and cons for the use of coffee pods.
Pros: convenience, consistency of taste, keep the product fresher, ease of use, access to many varieties of brews
Cons: pods can be difficult to recycle, not the same as the classical espresso, some capsules only fit a certain brand or system, high cost, single brew setting for all types of beverage
Vertuo by Nespresso
notion image
Vertuo is Nespresso's line that allows customers to explore a wide range of coffee sizes and styles. It features technology that allows the machine to read the barcode integrated into each capsule and automatically adjust to very specific settings and one-touch system that simplifies the process.
Competitive analysis
To better understand where the company's products stand in the market, know some strengths and weaknesses of the competition in this area and help solve usability problems, I did a competitive analysis.
notion image
  • Dolce Gusto by Nescafé
    • Pros: product images with the option to zoom in for details, CTA buttons
      Cons: copy and menus have very low contrast, line spacing and text size are too small, no price info
  • Keurig K-Select Coffee Maker
    • Pros: product images, a showcase of product colours, clear price info, clear product description and highlights
      Cons: no clear CTA
Current Version
Header and navigation bar
Header and navigation bar
Main banner with product photos, price, colours and CTA
Main banner with product photos, price, colours and CTA
Product information and specifications
Product information and specifications
Videos and key features about the product
Videos and key features about the product
Related products
Related products
Footer including FAQs, contact, sitemap, etc
Footer including FAQs, contact, sitemap, etc


To generate a clearer understanding of Nespresso consumers, I looked at the demographics information found in the Discover section and also the company's followers on social media channels to help me create some proto personas:
notion image
This step helped me to better understand some users pain points before moving on to potential solutions.
In order to set expectations, identify best practices and pinpoint performance gaps that could lead to improvement, I studied some other companies' product pages. The process included direct competitors and other businesses, noting best practices and opportunities.
Through some more desk research, I found out Dolce Gusto by Nescafé and Keurig's Coffee Makers are some of Nespresso's main competitors.

Benchmarking conclusions

A product landing page should:
  • Be interesting and direct;
  • Make it easy for visitors to find what they're looking for;
  • Showcase high-quality images and videos of the product;
  • Allow users to "build their own" product, to show them that you can meet their preferences;
  • Have a clear call-to-action;
  • Be informative.
Problem Statement
This project's personas are past the Discovery stage and more intent in buying a coffee capsule machine, so the goal here is converting. Product pages, as opposed to landing pages, are not designed specifically for conversions – and Nespresso currently doesn't have a landing page for Vertuo. The current product page contains some distractions:
  1. A full navigation menu;
  1. Links to other products;
  1. A footer with over 10 links;
  1. Extensive copy;
  1. 8 calls-to-action in addition to "buy now".
Problem Statement: Vertuo by Nespresso's page presents many distractions to the mid-funnel user. Our solution should deliver a page that keeps them focused on the offer in front of them and consequently brings higher conversion rates for the product.
We believe that building a Vertuo landing page for visitors with higher intent will achieve higher conversion rates for the product.
Based on learnings from the previous steps of this project, this should:
  • Include clear, compelling copy;
  • Show the product in action;
  • Remove navigation and other distractions;
  • Include social proof;
  • Have a clear CTA;
  • Be informative.


Considering the problems and hypothesis mentioned in the Define stage, I sketched a possible structure on paper:
notion image
Suggestions: 1. Visual headline to instantly grab the user's attention and let them know what the page is about; 2. Focus on one clear CTA – buy a Vertuo product; 3. Clear presentation of the product's features and benefits; 4. Use of social proof; 5. Reduced navigation and links.
To consolidate the ideas that came up on the sketches and refine them, I designed a low-fi wireframe:
notion image
Suggestions: 1. Video or gif headline with a tagline; 2. Highlight of the main benefits of the product, followed by features; 3. Model comparison; 4. Related product suggestions include only the coffee capsules for the Vertuo line, so that the client can buy them with the machine and start using it right away. However, all other distractions were eliminated.


notion image
Style guide
notion image
Visual interface design
notion image
With all studies and previous results in mind, I designed a product landing page for Vertuo by Nespresso, including:
  • A single type of CTA (buy), highlighted in different colour from the other buttons;
  • A hero image or video and headline message;
  • Informative descriptions of the product line using storytelling;
  • Options of comparing models and choosing colour of the product;
  • Real reviews.